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2013-2014 AFC Champions

We are proud to have our mirrors installed in 

Invesco Field. 

The players Rooms, The Cheerleaders Room, 


 The Denver Broncos Boys and Girls Clubs Around Town! 

We use only the highest quality mirrors available.  We never cut corners with craftsmanship and only provide our customers with the finest product.  

Mirror_3We carry 1/4" inch & 
1/8" inch thick mirrors 
 in stock

Order on the phone and pick up:

We cut mirrors to any

Call us with your size, and we'll cut it for you.

We provide our customers with 
exceptional service calls

Call us for the best price today

We handle anything from your bathroom vanity top mirror, to your ultimate home gym addition you've created in your basement.  


Need mirrors in your:

Fitness Center?
Dance Studio?
Hair Salon?

We supply you with everything you need at just a phone call away.

 (303) 234-1027


How do we sell our mirrors so cheap?  

For over 27 years
we have had an outstanding reputation 
with our suppliers.
  We purchase consistant, We buy in cases, 
and well, 
We're just good people to do business with.

Call Edgewater Glass  
for your next mirror purchase 



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